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Chapter 28:


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90s radio music, a clockwork orange, alice in wonderland, amélie, anne of green gables, apocalypse now, apple computers, arcadia, baking, ballet flats, bicycles, black eyeliner, books, breathless, british accents, cardiff, chapstick, chess (the musical), christopher heron/kate sutton, cooking, crazy straws, david tennant, democrats, dinner parties, dinosaurs, doctor who, doing plays, down comforters, dracula, fairy tales, feeling inferior, feeling superior, feist, flip flops, fondue, freckles, fresca, fried dough, gossip, grapes, hamlet, harry potter, healthy doses of cynicism, heath ledger, horatio hornblower, hot guys, house md, hugh grant, illegally downloading music, ireland, jack/gwen, jack/ianto, james bond, james mcavoy, josh lyman, josh/donna, juice boxes, kisses, libraries, lilacs, little women, lolita, london, lord of the flies, love, loving selected people, loving selected poems, made up words, making stencils, michael phelps, mix cds, moulin rouge, mrs dalloway, music, mythology, nancy drew, new york city, nine/rose, note wars, oscar wilde, peaceable sherwood/barbara grahame, picnics, pirates, prehistoric beasts, presents, pyjamas, rain, reading, recipes, rilo kiley, robots, rose tyler, rosencrantz and guildenstern, running a little, sailing ships, sarcasm, secret of roan inish, shakespeare, sheriff frederick macdonald, singing along, skinny jeans, slacking off, slash, sleeping late, so weird, spies, sprinklers, star wars, sundresses, sweaters, teapots, ten/jack/rose, ten/martha, ten/rose, the 80s, the bbc, the british navy, the canterville ghost, the coast of utopia, the decemberists, the napoleonic wars, the ocean, the past, the perilous gard, the princess bride, the prydain chronicles, the secret garden, the sherwood ring, the shoebox project, the smiths, the things they carried, the united kingdom, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tom stoppard, top gun, torchwood, totoro, trees, trying to dance, trying to take pictures, vocabulary words, wading in winter, warm socks, watching television, west wing, wfcr, wnmh, writing, zombies.